FBI Name Check Backlog Reduction

Mike Aytes, USCIS Acting Deputy Director, posted a journal entry to congratulate USCIS and the FBI for completing all name checks that were pending for more than six months. Although this is old news, as USCIS announced it and we reported it on March 4th, Mr. Aytes did release some new information:

Let me put that into perspective. At the beginning of November 2007, there were nearly 350,000 pending name check requests. Of that total, more than 54,000 had been pending for more than two years. Another 55,000 had been pending for at least a year. Today, there’s a grand total of 6,756 pending name check requests. And of that number, not one has been pending for more than six months. In fact as of that February 17 snapshot, the FBI was completing 99.2 percent of all requests in less than 30 days.

This is significant! The original USCIS announcement emphasized that all name checks pending six month or more had been processed, but Mr. Aytes further clarified that FBI actually completed all of them.

So if your name check case has been pending for more than six months, you can point to this entry and demand an answer from USCIS. Keep in mind that if you contact USCIS, you should ask specifically about FBI Name Check, because a representative may be talking about your IBIS name check or other pending background investigation.

14 thoughts on “FBI Name Check Backlog Reduction”

  1. USCIS received for my application for Citizenship on 09/24/2007.
    My application receipt number is [removed by IR Blog]. I called United States Citizenship and Immigration Services many times and they said that my case is pending for FBI Security Background Checks. I was scheduled for an Interview on 12/15/2008. I passed the Citizenship test and now I am waiting for my application decision.
    On 12/23/2008 USCIS sent me the status of my service request is my case is currently under review. I should receive a decision or notice of other action within 60 days. Though almost 60 days have passed and I have not received my decision so far.

  2. This comment from Mike Aytes Acting Deputy Director
    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is really funny. I have on 485 pending now for 3 years and 2 130s for over 2 years. I talled with sentor Durbins office and the were told they are still in background check.

  3. If you a muslim or have come from curtain muslim countries….. trust me your case is going to pend for a long time. like Obama Cares?

  4. The USCIS totally ignores many cases without any regards to how much problems Immigrants are facing. I have filled my adjustment of status about 2 years ago.I’m a 18 years old now, I filled it when I was 16. After graduating from high school with good grades,I’m struggling to continue college. First, I have to pay as an outsider tuition, which normally double what a local student may pay.Second, I cannot apply for a financial relief or scholarship. I don’t understand why they took all the fees from me, if the going to take this long. I think people have a yes, or no decision from the USCIS. It’s like a monopoly, the USCIS makes more money if they hold more cases. Think about it, when your case is pending, you have to pay an annually fees to renew at least two immigration forms.

    I thought this is America, where is the justice? I wish I was never here in the first place, because I probably have a better opportunity else where.

  5. Hey again.. I have appliedfor CPR removed .. like i said before now its pending 7 years.. so i applied for citizenship and now its in 1yearpenind fase.i would pay any lawyer some money… but noone can help. i dont belive that anyone actually can help. God maybe?


  7. I applied for I-485 (Permanent Resident) more than 10 years ago, however they haven’t approved my application yet. My application always remains in pending, because I am a Muslim. I wrote letters to Immigration several times and requested them to approve my case, but no one listened. I also told them that I was not a terrorist. I came to USA twenty years ago with a student visa. My wife and my children live in different country, because USA Immigration do not approve my I-485, and then again I have to wait 3 more years to bring my wife and children. I have spent more than 20 years in America, but still they do not approve my case, because of religion. I HOPE SOON IMMIGRATION LAW CHANGE.

  8. We applied for green card on 2004 .We got our EAD’s in 2007.We are paying every year for 3 people for advance paroles and EAD’s.Whoever applied after us they are applying for citzenships.We are in same position .I dont know when we are going get our green card.we are not
    Mu……We are living here from past 10 years.

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