USCIS: FBI Name Check Backlog Finally Cleared!

In an announcement issued today, USCIS declared final victory in elimination of the FBI name check backlog – the one that has been driving thousands of people crazy for more than five years.

This was the last milestone set forth by the USCIS a little more than a year ago, when they started working with the FBI to address the multi-year name check delays. We have been following USCIS closely on their progress, and are happy it is now over. We hope USCIS and the FBI are glad too: it has been a nightmare for everyone involved, including immigrants and government agencies.

But last time we reported a major milestone achieved by the USCIS, we heard from several visitors that their cases were still pending even after six months. So we will have to wait and see this time; the jury is out there.

The final goal for the USCIS and the FBI is to achieve a “sustainable performance level by the NNCP of completing 98 percent of name check requests submitted by USCIS within 30 days, and the remaining two percent within 90 days.”

What comes next?

If your pending FBI name check has finally been cleared, you may expect to see actions including “updating fingerprint results, scheduling interviews, requesting additional evidence and other reviews to determine whether the applicant is eligible for the requested immigration benefit.” Most likely, the immigration benefit is referring to an immigrant visa, green card, or naturalization application.

1 thought on “USCIS: FBI Name Check Backlog Finally Cleared!

  • I’m glad to hear that FBI name check is over otherwise a common name like mine (jessica chen) will defiantly returns hundreds of criminals with a name check in metro Los Angeles area.

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