Visa Bulletin Predictions from State Department – January 2021

The Department of State released the following visa bulletin predictions on January 22, 2021. VISA AVAILABILITY IN THE COMING MONTHS EMPLOYMENT-based categories (potential monthly movement) EB1: WORLDWIDE: Current China: Up to six months India: Up to six months   EB2: Worldwide:  Current China: Up to three weeks India: Up to two weeks        EB3: … Read more

August 2020 Visa Bulletin: Significant Movement for Most EB Categories

The Department of State just released August 2020 Visa Bulletin today. Most Employment-Based Categories, except India EB-2, will advance substantially. For China: EB1 will jump nearly six months; EB2 will advance a little over two months; EB3 enjoys the biggest gain and will move forward by 8 months. For India: EB1 will move forward by … Read more

Introducing H-1B Database – Sponsors, Jobs, Salaries and Maps!

We’ve build a massive H-1B database that contains millions of records on H1B visa sponsors, job titles, foreign worker salaries, and work-site locations. Original data came from the Department of Labor’s LCA releases. In order to make it easier to find relevant data, we built three different portals that focus on different topics: Search h1b … Read more

Visa Bulletin Alert by Immigratoin Road

Visa Bulletin Alert

Just like you, we can’t wait to see the new visa bulletin each month. After all, it practically determines who can file for I-485 and who is eligible to receive their green card.

So, starting from the 8th, we find ourselves constantly checking the Department of State’s website. However, we’ve been seeing the “Coming Soon” page a lot lately.

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Visa Bulletin Predictions: February 2019

The Visa Office of the Department of State is responsible for publishing visa bulletins each month. Occasionally, the Visa Office also provides their predictions on cut-off date movement in the coming months.

In the February, 2019 Visa Bulletin, DOS offered their predictions for monthly cutoff dates movement. This is what each category may potentially advance in the coming months:

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International Students Statistics – April, 2014

The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement recently released statistics on foreign students currently studying in the United States. As of April 1, 2014: There are currently 1,015,178 F & M students studying in the United States There are currently 188,382 J-1 exchange visitors in the United States 29% … Read more