Introducing H-1B Database – Sponsors, Jobs, Salaries and Maps!

We’ve build a massive H-1B database that contains millions of records on H1B visa sponsors, job titles, foreign worker salaries, and work-site locations. Original data came from the Department of Labor’s LCA releases.

In order to make it easier to find relevant data, we built three different portals that focus on different topics:

Below is a brief description of what they are and how to use them.


1. Search H-1B Employers and SalariesH-1B Database Main Search

This is our main search portal. Simply enter a company name and you will get a list of their LCA filings for the entire year, including both new H-1B applications and renewals/extensions. To save space, only key information is displayed, such as salary, job, and work location. If you need to see more details, click on the case number and you will be taken to a new page that lists the entire LCA file with every little detail.

For companies with many H-1B records, we only show 20 each time to speed up page loading. To see more records, simply click on the “Load More” button.

H1B database search result sample

Clicking on the Work Site link will narrow down your search results to that particular city. You can also include a job title and/or city name in your original query. This is optional but allows you to refine your search with more specific terms.

A tip: you don’t have to enter full names – just a keyword is enough and it actually does a better job for search. The reason is that LCA data entries are handled by many people, so they contain numerous typos, misspellings, abbreviations, etc. For example, Google appears in the database in several different forms: “Google Inc”, “Google Inc.”, “Google LLC”, “Google, LLC”, and so on. To make sure you retrieve all records, it’s best to just type Google.

Once you start typing, a drop-down list will appear with suggested keywords. Selecting one from the list is highly recommended.


2. Find LCA Details
H-1B Database LCA Details

If you know your LCA Case Number, you can enter it on this page and find the entire LCA data-set in a neat tabular format. If you use the main search portal first, clicking on a case number will also take you to this page, with search results already available. Below is a partial sample:

H1B database LCA details sample page

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will find descriptions of LCA field names, more than 50 of them. Although most fields are self explanatory, some can be very confusing if you’re not familiar with the LCA process. If you’re an employer and are trying to file an LCA on your own, make sure you go through the description to understand what you should enter on Form 9035E. DOL also publishes formal instructions which is a must-read for anyone filling out 9035 forms.


3. See H-1B Data on Maps

H-1B Database on Maps

This is not only cool, but practical. Basically it will show you the distribution of H-1B workers from a given employer, down to zip code levels. All data are displayed on Google Maps, with red circles, whose size represents the number of LCA cases, over US cities. The H-1B map quickly and visually demonstrates where a company has offices and how many H-1B employees they intend to assign to that location.

H-1B on Map


Well, this is it for now. Let us know how you like the database and the various search tools we built. Any suggestions for improvement?

Also, please share on Facebook, Twitter, online forums and other social networks. We can’t afford to run ads, so word-of-mouth is what we rely on to grow, and continue to build more tools that will help the community.

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