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Please enter an employer name to search H-1B database. Job Title may be left blank. For best results, select from the drop down list after you've started typing.

About the H-1B Map:

  • Each circle represents LCA filings (≈ H1B workers) for a particular zip-code.
  • Circle size is proportional to the number of LCA filings. The bigger the circle, the more H-1B employees work there.
  • Circle size is relative, and is based on the total number of LCA records from a given employer.
  • Zip Codes refer to working sites, which may or may not be the headquarters of H-1B employers.
  • Total number of LCA filings shown on the map may be slightly smaller than the table data below, because DOL's original data often contain blank fields for zip codes (shown as N/A in the table), or have typos in the zip codes.
  • DISCLAIMER: is presenting this map to show where American employers assign their H-1B workers. More specifically, how many H1 employees work at a given zip code. Original data are publicly released by the Department of Labor. Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, we're NOT responsible in any way, shape or form for any errors in either the original data or during our calculations. The map, and its underlying data, are entirely for illustration purposes only.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I see more information of each job, such as salary?

Complete details including employer name, job title, salary, etc. can be found in our H-1B Database here. On the search result page, you can click on the LCA Case Number to see full details of the LCA data.

Why do I have to include an employer name to search?

Because the H-1B database is gigantic. If you leave out the employer name, and just enter a keyword for the job title, say "Software," the search result will contain more than 100,000 records. It takes too much time to process and overloads our servers. For this reason we require an employer name to limit the number of records for display.

Should I type full employer name or keywords only?

Keyword is much better.

The reason is that LCA data entries are handled by many people, so they contain numerous typos, misspellings, abbreviations, etc. For example, Google appears in the database in several different forms: "Google Inc", "Google Inc.", "Google LLC", "Google, LLC", and so on. To make sure you retrieve all records, it's best to just type Google. If fact if you type a couple characters, a drop-down list will appear under the search field, and you can simply select the name that matches what you intend to search.

Are keywords case sensitive?

No. You can type "APPLE" or "Apple", it doesn't matter.

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