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F-1 Student Visa Statistics

The United States has been the country of choice for international students, hosting more than one million from around the world. Each year, the U.S. issues more than 300,000 new F-1 visas! China clearly dominates the field, receiving nearly 100K student visas each year. India is second on the list, followed by South Korea, Vietnam and Japan. All five countries for sending the largest number of foreign students to the U.S. are from Asia.

TOP-10 Countries for F-1 Visa (Fiscal Year 2018):

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  • Fiscal Year 2018 starts on 10/1/2017 and ends on 9/30/2018;
  • Source: Department of State Nonimmigrant Visa Statistics.

There are multiple types of student visas for different purposes. This page contains statistics for F-1 only.

  • F-1: For full-time study at an academic institution such as college, university or even high school.
  • M-1: For full-time study at a vocational or other nonacademic institution.
  • F-3: Similar to F1 but only for nationals from Canada or Mexico who commute to the U.S.
  • M-3: Similar to M1 but only for nationals from Canada or Mexico who commute to the U.S.
  • J-1: For educational or cultural exchange programs.
F-1 Visa by Region - FY2018

Below is a chart showing F-1 visa distribution by region - FY2018:

F-1 Visa Full Data - FY2018

F-1 and F-2 Visa Distribution by Country:

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