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Life in the United States

Immigrants pursuing a better qualify of life in the US may sometimes find it difficult to adapt to the new environment - the culture, the society and the overall system, all being different from what they are used to. Here you will find a series of useful guides that can help you navigate through some of the most important issues during the transition.

Personal Finance

  • Credit Score - Why is credit score important? How to improve FICO?
  • Credit Report - What is in my credit report? Who is viewing my records?
  • Credit Card - Are immigrants qualified for credit cards? Should I use a credit card?
  • ID Theft - How did ID theft occur? How do I prevent my identity being stolen?
  • Home Buying - A step-by-step guide for buying a home.
  • Car Buying - A step-by-step guide for buying a car.
  • Insurance - Explains common terms used in car insurance.
  • Banking - Checking, Savings, Money Market, explained in simple terms.
  • U.S. Holidays - How Americans celebrate the common holidays.
  • Federal Government Holidays - Holidays most government agencies observe.

Travel in the United States

  • Travel - Explore the most popular destinations for tourists - native or foreigners.
  • Driver's License - Driving a car in the U.S. with a foreign driver license
  • Freeways and Highways - U.S. highway system and numbering conventions

Easy Reference Guides

Settling in the U.S.

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