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USCIS Customer Service Phone Menu
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USCIS National Customer Service Center provides a toll-free phone number (1-800-375-5283) for customers to call and obtain a wide range of information. The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is designed to not only provide general immigration information, but also handle application status or other case-specific questions. Callers will also have an option to speak directly to a Customer Service Agent during business hours.

Although the new IVR system is easier to navigate, it still takes quite a few steps to find certain topics or reach a customer service representative. The call menu's main options are listed below, which should help if you have a specific question to ask USCIS. Please understand that USCIS may change their phone menu at any time, and it is impossible for us to always keep up. Please listen carefully if the options have changed.

Dial USCIS customer service phone number 1-800-375-5283. You will hear a message with instructions on what options are available. You don't have to wait for the message to finish if you know where to go next. During the phone call you can press 7 to repeat the current message, or press 9 to return to the main menu.

For example, if you need to check your case status, you would dial 1-800-375-5283, then 1 - 2 - 1.

USCIS Customer Service Phone Menu

  1. English
    1. Obtain USCIS Forms

        Visit Website to download forms. Business Hours: Call between 8am to 6pm, Monday through Friday, and press 2 to speak to USCIS representative

    2. Check Case Status - Latest Information on Application or Petition Already Submitted
      1. Check case status if you know your receipt number
      2. If you don't know what a receipt number is, where to find it, or have lost it
        1. If you've located your receipt number
        2. Reach a customer service agent if you call during business hours (see above)
      3. Request the return of an original document
        1. Order Form G-884

    3. Change Address
      1. Order Form AR-11 (Online Filing is strongly recommended)

    4. Find USCIS Office Location or Schedule Appointment
      1. USCIS Local Office
      2. Application Support Center
      3. Make or Reschedule an Appointment
      4. Request Special Accommodation

    5. Find Doctor for Immigration Medical Exam

    6. For Immigration Attorneys

    7. N/A

    8. Report Immigration Violation or Scam, FOIA
      1. Freedom of Information Request (FOIA)
      2. Report a violation of immigration law
      3. Report if you're a possible victim of immigration scam

    9. Repeat the Message

    10. Press the star key (*) for other services

      1. Obtain a copy of USCIS Guide to Naturalization
      2. Check priority cutoff dates
        1. How visa priority dates or visa lottery numbers are established
        2. U.S. citizen wants to sponsor a family member
        3. U.S. permanent resident wants to sponsor a family member
        4. Employer wants to sponsor an employee
        5. Entrepreneur
        6. Cutoff for visa lottery
      3. Reach services specifically for U.S. citizens
        1. Proof of citizenship
        2. Correct information or replace certificate
        3. Sponsor family member
        4. Fiancé
        5. Adoption
      4. Reach services specifically for green card holders, refugees, asylees, and TPS
        1. Permanent Residents
          1. Becoming a U.S. citizen
          2. Obtain an immigrant visa for family member
          3. Green cards
          4. Working as permanent resident
          5. Travel documents for permanent residents
        2. Asylees and Refugees
          1. Becoming a permanent resident
          2. Asylee or refugee
          3. EAD and SSN
          4. Travel documents for refugees and asylees
        3. TPS
          1. Forms needed for TPS
          2. Africa
          3. Central America
          4. n/a
          5. Asia
      5. For Visitors
        1. Need to replace I-94
        2. Extend stay
        3. Change of status
        4. Attending school
        5. Visitor
      6. For Employers
        1. Order forms
        2. Priority dates and immigrant visa availability for prospective employees
      7. Press # for DACA

        Press * for Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver

      Press # for latest immigration announcement

  2. Spanish
  3. Other languages

USCIS may update the call menu at any time. If there is any discrepancy, please listen to the messages carefully before selecting an option.

Last updated: May 3, 2018