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USCIS Statistics - Naturalization Data

In FY-2018, USCIS processed nearly 850K Naturalization Applications (Form N-400). Approximately 756,800 individuals officially became U.S. citizens. This represents a 5% increase from FY2017 and a 16% increase from FY2014.

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Data source: DHS Yearbook 2017, and USCIS Annual Report.

Naturalization Historical Data

Below is a chart showing more than 100 years of naturalization data.

Before 1994, the number of people becoming US citizens generally stayed below 400,000 per year. The only exception during that period of time was 1944, which was near the end of World War II. After WW2, however, the number actually decreased. For nearly 40 years, roughly 100K - 200K people applied for naturalization per year. But approval rate was extremely high: Close to 100%.

From 1994 to 1996, however, the number of people applying for naturalization exploded. In FY-1996, INS (now USCIS) processed 1.27 million cases. Since then, the yearly number has fluctuated significantly, but settled around 750K for the past few years.

Naturalization by Country of Birth

Top-20 countries in FY2017:

The chart below includes countries and regions with more than 1000 naturalizations in fiscal year 2017. For all other countries, please see the full list in the DHS Yearbook.

Persons Naturalized by State or Territory of Residence

New citizens live in the following states or territories:

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  • Data source: DHS Yearbook 2017
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