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Latest visa bulletin, cutoff dates and predictions. Search by year/month, or see all cut-off dates just for your own category.

Immigration flow chart

Immigration Flow Chart is a road map to green card, showing nearly all paths to legal permanent residence in a one-page document. The flowchart has been referenced or used by:

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Wondering what is going on with your immigration application? Learn how to check your USCIS case status online, by phone, by email or in person through InfoPass. For further questions or to check the status of your application filed with other government agencies (DOS, DOL, CBP, FBI, etc.), here is an extensive list of contact methods.

green card tracker

Find your place in line for a green card!

The green card tracker is an easy-to-use tool built on USCIS pending I-485 inventories, and can show you the total number of green card applicants (I-485 and CP) waiting ahead of you. Years of government data at your fingertips!

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