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Check USCIS Case Status in Person (Infopass)
Check USCIS Case Status in Person

In addition to checking USCIS case status online, by phone or by email, you may also set up an infopass appointment and visit a local USCIS office. This way you have an opportunity to speak to an immigration officer directly. You may ask about your case status or discuss specific issues with the IO.

To make an appointment, go to the USCIS infopass website and click on "Make Your Appointment with Infopass." Note that you may also select another language other than English, or cancel your existing infopass appointment.

Infopass Appointment Page

Enter your zip code. If your area has more than one local offices, you will be able to choose one on the next screen.

Infopass Zip Code

Select the kind of service you need. To check your case status without a USCIS service request, you should select "You need information or other services."

Infopass Select Type of Service

The next screen will remind you that some information may be obtained from or by calling National Customer Service Center.

Infopass Alternatives

Clicking on "Continue" will bring you the next screen while you can enter personal and case information, and make the infopass appointment.

Infopass Personal and Case Info

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