Introducing H-1B Database – Sponsors, Jobs, Salaries and Maps!

We’ve build a massive H-1B database that contains millions of records on H1B visa sponsors, job titles, foreign worker salaries, and work-site locations. Original data came from the Department of Labor’s LCA releases. In order to make it easier to find relevant data, we built three different portals that focus on different topics: Search h1b … Read more

How to Contact CBP for I-94 Issues

The I-94 automation process was implemented by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in April, 2013. The new process replaced paper form I-94 with an electronic version: A foreign national entering the United States no long receives an I-94 card stapled to their passport; instead, they will see a passport stamp, and must now … Read more

How to Get I-94 Number Under Electronic Form I-94 Process

Form I-94 is the Arrival/Departure Record issued to foreign visitors when they enter the United States. Form I-94 used to be in paper format, stapled to a visitor’s passport by a Customs and Border Protection(CBP) officer. Since April of 2013, however, CBP has implemented the electronic I-94 process across the nation’s ports of entry. Most … Read more

H-1B Visa Cap for FY-2014 Reached in One Week

H-1B visa cap has been reached one week after the season opened. USCIS announced today (April 5, 2013) that it has received a sufficient number of petitions to reach both the regular H-1B cap and the advanced degree exemption cap. As a result, USCIS will no longer accept H-1B petitions for the entire fiscal year … Read more

FY 2013 H-1B Cap Count

USCIS began accepting new H-1B petitions on April 2, 2012. If approved, beneficiaries of these petitions may start working in H-1B status on or after October 1, 2012 – the first day of FY 2013 cap season. The following table includes every cap count released by USCIS. The table will be updated on a regular … Read more

EAD/AP Combo Card Update: DOS Sent Formal Notification to Beijing

USCIS’ Beijing Office responded to our inquiry today with regard to the new EAD/AP combo card being rejected as valid travel document by Beijing Entry/Exit Inspection. The email explained that the United States Embassy has officially notified Chinese authorities of the validity of the new card. So hopefully the issue will be resolved soon and … Read more