EAD/AP Combo Card Update: DOS Sent Formal Notification to Beijing

USCIS’ Beijing Office responded to our inquiry today with regard to the new EAD/AP combo card being rejected as valid travel document by Beijing Entry/Exit Inspection. The email explained that the United States Embassy has officially notified Chinese authorities of the validity of the new card. So hopefully the issue will be resolved soon and Chinese travelers will be allowed to use it to board their U.S.-bound flights.

Below is the USCIS email message:

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the new I-766 Combo card. We have had recent reports the Beijing Entry/Exit bureau was not recognizing the validity of the new card. Please be advised that the United States Embassy provided a formal notification to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Public Security on December 20, 2011. We believe this will eliminate any confusion as to the validity of the new Advance Parole cards.

Please note that the card must either state: “Valid for Reentry to the U.S.”, or” Serves as I-512 Advance Parole”, to be a valid advance parole document and in order to allow travel to the United States.



USCIS, Beijing China

Update 12/23/2011: Confirmed by Beijing Station of Exit and Entry Inspection that the combo EAD/AP card is now accepted as valid travel document.

4 thoughts on “EAD/AP Combo Card Update: DOS Sent Formal Notification to Beijing”

  1. Reportedly there were still people being rejected at Beijing Exit Inspection on the 21st of Dec…It is hard to say when this issue will be resolved.

  2. Not surprised. Since DOS sent the notification on the 20th, who knows how long it will take for the Foreign Affairs and Public Safety Bureaus to “discuss” it, and then pass it down to the Beijing Entry/Exit Station. Let’s all hope the issue will be resolved before the holidays.

  3. My Mom travel from Haiti to NY on the 6th of May with EAD Card, she was refused reenter not by the Haiti Immigration but by American Airlines twice, even though we explained to the Airlines this is a valid card, American Airlines(US branch) accepted it but The local AA in Haiti refused. My mom is still suck in Haiti and at this time , I don’t know what else to do.

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