My Journey to U.S. Citizenship – Step 5: Oath Ceremony

I have been waiting for the oath ceremony since my citizenship interview on September 18, 2012. Today my USCIS online status finally changed: On September 27, 2012, we placed your application in the oath scheduling que. We will send a notice when the ceremony is scheduled. If you move prior to the scheduled ceremony, please … Read more

My Journey to U.S. Citizenship – Step 4: Interview

Today I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a citizenship interview notice in my mailbox (8/17/2012). I was surprised because my USCIS online status never changed. In fact it is still showing Initial Review right now. Normally it would’ve changed to “your N400, APPLICATION FOR NATURALIZATION was placed in line for interview scheduling. When scheduling is complete,  … Read more

My Journey to U.S. Citizenship – Step 3: Fingerprinting

The next step after accepting an application is to run a background check. These security checks typically include a fingerprint check, FBI name check and other fraud detection measures, and it all starts with a biometrics appointment. On June 5, 2012 my online status indicated that USCIS has sent out the Biometrics Notification. On the 7th, I … Read more

My Journey to U.S. Citizenship – Step 2: Acceptance

May 10, 2012: According to the delivery confirmation from U.S. Post Office, my N-400 application package was delivered early this morning to USCIS (P.O. Box in Phoenix, AZ). May 11, 2012: USCIS accepted my application and entered it into their system (as I later found out from the email notification I received). May 15, 2012: … Read more

My Journey to U.S. Citizenship – Step 1: Application

Today is the start of my journey to U.S. citizenship. I mailed my N-400 application to USCIS this morning, and will be blogging and recording each step along the way until the Naturalization Certificate arrives. I will try to be as specific as possible, with hopefully enough details to help other DIYers. At a minimum, … Read more