ImmigrationRoad.com is a resource center for immigrants and visitors residing in the United States. By offering accurate, practical and up-to-date information, we hope to help people solve immigration problems and adapt to the new environment more easily.

Immigration Road Blog contains a variety of short articles and posts about what is happening around all of us – our editors, our business partners, and most importantly, our website visitors. So the topics will be diverse: green cards, visas, legislation, news, travel, banking, taxes, technologies, and all those little things an immigrant or visitor might have to deal with in their daily lives.

Blog entries can be posted or updated in a more timely fashion, so they can be good supplemental materials to the main contents on our site. Also the coverage will be broader and will include informal tips and random thoughts that don’t make their way to the main site.

As migration is truly global, we will also discuss immigration in Canada, UK, the European Union, Australia and other places on Immigration Road Blog.

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  1. i would like to ask i someone know that if the cut off date for 2010 may be april 2005 and i have a priority date may 2004 do i get a visa o no i have a pending 485. i will really apreciate if someone know something\

  2. If your priority date is one year earlier than the visa bulletin cut off date, chances are your I-485 will be approved within that time frame. However, nothing is guaranteed in the world of immigration. Your case may be current for months without being touched. Good luck!

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