How to Get I-94 Number Under Electronic Form I-94 Process

Form I-94 is the Arrival/Departure Record issued to foreign visitors when they enter the United States. Form I-94 used to be in paper format, stapled to a visitor’s passport by a Customs and Border Protection(CBP) officer. Since April of 2013, however, CBP has implemented the electronic I-94 process across the nation’s ports of entry. Most Read more about How to Get I-94 Number Under Electronic Form I-94 Process[…]

Travel Between U.S. and China for Senior Citizens

Over the past ten years, my parents have visited us six or seven times. Every time they fly between China and the U.S., however, my anxiety level would skyrocket for the duration of their entire trip. I keep telling myself they’ve done it so many times without a glitch, but mentally just can’t help it. Read more about Travel Between U.S. and China for Senior Citizens[…]

Visa Pilot Program: Easier and Faster Visa Applications

Today the Department of State shared a plan to greatly speed up visitor visa processing, in response to a White House Executive Order calling for measures to boost U.S. tourism, economy and job creation. With the establishment of a new Visa Pilot Program, the department plans to reduce the amount of visa interviews for certain foreign Read more about Visa Pilot Program: Easier and Faster Visa Applications[…]

Visit Alaska – Trip Planning

Alaska GlacierWe visited Alaska from July 16 to 24, 2011. Although we planned early, we couldn’t start making reservations until early May because of some uncertainties in my parents’ visa application, and that turned out to be a bit late for many things. If you are planning to visit Alaska this summer, I recommend that you start looking around as soon as possible. This way you will have more choices with regard to hotels, rental cars, etc. In addition, you will have better chances to score those “coupon-only” deals if you book early.

Alaska Coupon Books

Even if you are not a typical “coupon clipper,” don’t overlook the Alaska Coupon Books. They can easily save you hundreds of dollars. The one I bought is called Alaska TourSaver, priced at $99.95 on Amazon. Despite the high price, I’m glad I bought it since the first two coupons I used already recouped the book cost. If your plans include train tours, glacier cruises, flightseeing, river rafting…your savings could quickly add up with those buy-one-get-one coupons.

Some places, especially hotels, accept only a limited number of coupons per day. So again, book early if possible. The TourSaver’s website lists all the coupons in the book. You can find out beforehand if a particular activity offers a coupon, and whether there are validation or other limitations. Do not tear off the coupons just yet; many places require the entire book, with the coupon still attached, to honor the discount. Alaska Railroad, on the other hand, asked me to mail the coupons to them, which was interesting.

Other than the Tour Saver, another coupon book called Northern Lights is also quite popular. Although there are overlaps, the two books do offer different coupons. Another tip, if you’re planning a trip for later in the summer, you can probably grab a lightly used coupon book off eBay for half the price.

Best Time to Visit Alaska

Alaska is open to tourists all year round, but obviously the majority of people go during the summer. Alaska’s travel season is usually May 15 through September 15, peaking from mid-June to mid-August. […]

Alaska Trip Report: Anchorage, Denali, Seward and Whittier

Last year we spent our summer vacation in Alaska. For a family that tends to choose nature over big cities, the trip was truly amazing and unforgettable. I always wanted to write something (sort of like a user review), or just post some photos, but never got to it until the other day when I Read more about Alaska Trip Report: Anchorage, Denali, Seward and Whittier[…]

EAD/AP Combo Card Update: DOS Sent Formal Notification to Beijing

USCIS’ Beijing Office responded to our inquiry today with regard to the new EAD/AP combo card being rejected as valid travel document by Beijing Entry/Exit Inspection. The email explained that the United States Embassy has officially notified Chinese authorities of the validity of the new card. So hopefully the issue will be resolved soon and Read more about EAD/AP Combo Card Update: DOS Sent Formal Notification to Beijing[…]

Travel Alert: EAD/AP Combo Card Rejected at Beijing Airport

Recently we were alerted to some travelers’ experience at the Beijing International Airport: They were denied boarding on their way back to the U.S. because their EAD and AP combo cards were not yet officially recognized by the Beijing Station of Exit and Entry Inspection. I called the Beijing station (8610-58105400) and a gentleman answering Read more about Travel Alert: EAD/AP Combo Card Rejected at Beijing Airport[…]

What is “Class of Admission” on Form I-131

We have talked about Class of Admission on Form I-90, so in this post we’ll discuss Form I-131, Application for Travel Document. Form I-131 can be used to apply for either a Reentry Permit or Advance Parole (AP), for which the “Class of Admission” requires different information. If you are using I-131 to apply for Read more about What is “Class of Admission” on Form I-131[…]