Vote NO to SCA 5

Nowadays California politicians can do nothing to surprise me anymore. The fight to stop their idiotic Co-Ed Bathroom Law isn’t over yet, and now they’re pushing for SCA-5. If you don’t yet know what SCA5 is all about, below is a petition with some background information. Basically, SCA5 wants to add race as a … Read more

One Day, Sanity Will Return to California

In an earlier post I said that California politicians are really good at passing stupid laws. They wasted no time to present a perfect example: CA Co-Ed Bathroom Law. AB 1266, signed into law by Governor Brown two months ago, allows K-12 students to use either boys’ or girls’ bathroom at school, simply based on … Read more

Quick Survey on Government Shutdown

With the government shutdown heading into its second week, we’ve heard news reports on visitors blocked out of national parks, people cancelling their wedding plans, but what about immigration? Have you noticed anything that is affecting your visa, green card or citizenship application? Please let us know: Loading…

Impact of Government Shutdown on USCIS and Other Immigration Agencies

It is official: The United States government is shutting down. Last-minute negotiation, or the lack of it, wasn’t able to bring the two parties together and as a result, about 800,000 government workers will be sent home without pay tomorrow. Although it sounds ridiculous to a lot of people around the world, a government shutdown … Read more

Law of Inertia

Growing up in a country where my vote meant nothing, I was indifferent to politics. I watched political drama unfolding in front of my eyes, but only from a distance. I felted there was little I could do and hoped time would eventually take care the problems. My belief came with me to the United … Read more

Top Colleges Limiting the Number of Asian Admissions

I received an email today from S.B. Woo, President of the 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation, with an open invitation to comment on a NY Times debate with regard to top colleges intentionally limiting the number of Asian students. Ivy League schools strongly deny it, which means that even they think the policy is … Read more

NBA and Arizona Immigration Law

As a Lakers fan, I usually don’t applaud the Phoenix Suns — a rival in the West. But tonight I do. The Suns wore jerseys that read “Los Suns” while beating the San Antonio Spurs to take a 2-0 lead in the Western Conference semifinals. The team’s owner, Robert Sarver, wanted to send a message to the Arizona legislature:

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Startup Visa Bill to Help Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Senators John Kerry and Richard Lugar introduced legislation today that is going to reward immigrant entrepreneurs who can create jobs with green cards.

Titled “Startup Visa Act of 2010,” the bill will grant a two-year conditional visa to an entrepreneur who can secure $250,000 or more for his/her start-up venture from a qualified U.S. investor. After two years, if the company has generated at least five full-time jobs in the U.S., attracted additional $1 million, or achieved at least $1 million in revenue, the immigrant founder will be able to remove the conditions and become permanent resident (green card).

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