Unemployment Rate Up, Border Arrests Down

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced today that during the first three quarters of FY 2009, arrests of illegal immigrants are down 26 percent at U.S. ports of entry, compared with the same time last year. Narcotics seizures are at an all time high and illegal immigration apprehensions are at multi-year lows with one … Read more

How to Handle Flood of Aliens

Earth D.C. – The Department of Home Sweethome (DHS) announced today the creation of a new division, Usually Slow and Crappy Immigration Services (USCIS), to handle the influx of Aliens from Outer Space (AOS). The agency’s first task is to overhaul the Extremely Brutal (EB) and Frequently Broken (FB) immigration system. One proposal, supported by … Read more

Bipartisan Group Urges Overhaul of Immigration System

An important report was released today that calls for an overhaul of the broken immigration system. The difference in this report, however, is the emphasis on the need of a legal immigration reform, instead of focusing overwhelmingly on the illegal immigration issues. An Independent Task Force, co-chaired by former Florida governor Jeb Bush and former … Read more

The Other Immigration Road

At immigrationroad.com, we think of the virtual “road” as a way to immigration, a path to green card, and a journey to a better quality of life. But apparently an Immigration Road does exist! 🙂 It is a street in the downtown area of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE), near Dubai. There are restaurants, shopping … Read more

Other than bailouts, what else can stimulate the economy

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke testified before the Congress’ joint economic committee on May 5, 2009. The hearing focused heavily on the economy, the stress test, and Bank of America, so Bernanke’s comments on immigration went off the radar. Apparently, when asked what else could be done to stimulate the economy, Bernanke said: I know … Read more

World without Nuclear Weapons

When the few countries that already have nucluear weapons get together and talk about how to stop other countries from getting them, the message somehow feels less powerful than it should have been. So President Obama is going to take a brave step forward and call for a world without nuclear weapons. Yes, a Nuke-free … Read more

AIG Bonus Mess Getting Bigger

The A.I.G bonus mess is getting bigger by the day. Mr. Tim Geithner, the Treasury secretary, insisted that he didn’t know about these bonuses until March 10, days before the payments. But New York Times reported today that in a public hearing, on March 3,  he was asked – loud and clear – what he … Read more