World without Nuclear Weapons

When the few countries that already have nucluear weapons get together and talk about how to stop other countries from getting them, the message somehow feels less powerful than it should have been. So President Obama is going to take a brave step forward and call for a world without nuclear weapons. Yes, a Nuke-free planet! Isn’t that something?

According to Reuters, Obama is planning to deliver a speech on Sunday in Europe, announcing his ambitious plan. Regardless of how it turns out, we applaud this man for just talking about the need to eliminate nuclear weapons. Obviously he is not the first person that raises this topic, but he might be the first to actually accomplish something.

President Barack Obama will call for the elimination of all nuclear weapons across the globe, in remarks on Sunday he hopes will lend credibility to his message in atomic disputes with Iran and North Korea.

People will argue that what if “bad guys” still manage to build them, and suddenly are the only ones that have nukes. Well, it is a valid point. And I’m sure a truly nuke-free world is no easy task by any stretch of imagination. But getting everyone on the same page is an important first step all by itself, and it has to start from somewhere.

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