The Other Immigration Road

At, we think of the virtual “road” as a way to immigration, a path to green card, and a journey to a better quality of life.

But apparently an Immigration Road does exist! 🙂

It is a street in the downtown area of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE), near Dubai. There are restaurants, shopping malls, business centers, and of course hotels, such as the Jormand Hotel Sharjah located at the intersection of King Faisal Street and Immigration Road. From what I read online, it is quite a popular area attracting many tourists.

We haven’t found an Immigration Road in the United States yet. But there are two Immigration Streets, one in Charleston, South Carolina; the other in Moyie Springs, Idaho.

When was first created, I was actually wondering why there are so few roads named Immigration. Given the consensus that The United States of America is a nation built by immigrants, it is somewhat surprising, especially compared with the number of freeways named after politicians.

Maybe eventually a little more will be done to honor the contribution of millions of immigrants, like naming the newly-developed back road Immigration Lane or something. And chances are, the family that just bought the house on the corner, happen to be immigrants.

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