Quick Survey on Government Shutdown

With the government shutdown heading into its second week, we’ve heard news reports on visitors blocked out of national parks, people cancelling their wedding plans, but what about immigration? Have you noticed anything that is affecting your visa, green card or citizenship application? Please let us know:

2 thoughts on “Quick Survey on Government Shutdown”

  1. Hello
    I applied for a I-130 for my stepdaughter for the second time the first visa was quick in 2011 she was approved but could not travel due to biological father not wanting to sign travel documents . We got resolved and immigration said needed reapply so we did sent in June 2013 got responce that they received and cashed the check but nothing else has happened still say initial review and can not get a answer. WE ARE ALL SEPERATED AND WAITING. And I am a American by birth. This is Crazy the way they drag all out

  2. Michael,

    I-130 is indeed experiencing a huge delay this year and USCIS is not saying why. Some of us suspect it is due to the sudden increase of DACA applications, but only USCIS knows for sure. The good news is that DACA filings have peaked, so we may start to see improvement. Let’s hope for the best.

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