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Change of Address with USCIS

If you are an immigrant or non-immigrant visitor, you must notify USCIS of your address change every time you move to a new residence. If you also have a pending immigrating application, you must take an additional step to update your current address on file.

Form AR-11 - Alien's Change of Address Card

Almost all non-U.S. citizens are required to report a change of address within 10 days of moving, by completing a Form AR-11. This includes permanent residents (green card holders), H1B workers, F1 students, and many other visa holders. The only exception is for people in A or G status (foreign government officials, international organization employees, etc.), and certain non-immigrant visitors without a visa whose stay in the U.S. doesn't exceed 29 days.

You will need the following information to complete AR-11:

  • Name, Date of Birth and current status
  • Country of Citizenship
  • A-Number, if applicable
  • Current (new) Address
  • Last (old) Address
  • Last entry date and port

You may either send Form AR-11 by mail, or complete it electronically over the internet. However, it's highly recommended that you use the online method because it not only fulfill your obligation to report new address, filing online also update your address on your applications currently pending with the USCIS - this is extremely important. If you dowonload, print and mail Form AR-11, you still have to update your address for pending applications.

Note that Form AR-11 is for domestic addresses in the U.S. only. If you move to a foreign country, you will need to contact the appropriate U.S. Consulate or Embassy.

For people with pending immigration cases

If you have a case pending with the USCIS, you should update your address as soon as possible, in addition to filing AR-11 which is required by law.

As mentioned above, you may want to use the online change of address notification tool provided by the USCIS. It offers an electronic AR-11, and allows you to update your address with your pending case as well. You will need your receipt number for this purpose. If you don't have a receipt number yet, see Q&A below.

An alternative is to call USCIS customer service (800-375-5283) and request an update of your address. To avoid confusion, do not make other requests, such as check status of another case, during the phone call.

Do I need to report address change after becoming a citizen?

No, U.S. citizens are not required to report address change to the USCIS, unless they have previously submitted a Form I-864, Affidavit of Support. As a financial sponsor of someone for immigrating purposes you must report any change of address by filling a Form I-865, Sponsor's Notice of Change of Address.

Do my family members need to submit AR-11 forms as well?

Each family member who is required to submit AR-11 must complete one separately.

What if my new address is only temporary?

Form AR-11 gives your the option to indicate how long you will be at the current address. However, it is highly recommended that you complete another AR-11 when you move again.

Should I wait for USCIS receipt notice?

No. If you filed an application and moved to a new address before receiving the receipt, you should still file AR-11 within 10 days of your move.

How can I change my address when I don’t have a receipt number?

If you have a pending application, but have not received a receipt notice, you must call USCIS' National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283 to report a change of address. Please inform the customer service representative that you have a pending application and have not received a receipt notice, but would like to change your address. You also should tell the representative when you filed your application to USCIS. USCIS will issue a service request which will be routed to the USCIS Service Center or District Office having jurisdiction over your application. A letter acknowledging the completion of your change of address request will be sent out once your application is receipted and your change of address has been updated.

Additionally, customers are required to complete a Form AR-11 to notify USCIS that their address has changed. Customers can access USCIS' Change of Address Online tool to complete an AR-11 without a receipt number.

Reminder: If you have a pending case with the Department of State, check here for reporting change of address to DOS.

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