What is right about immigrating the “right way”

After talking about NBA and the World Cup, it is time for … hockey! And it is related to immigration too.

E. J. Montini from The Arizona Republic wrote a story today about Tyson Nash, a former professional hockey player. He is a Canadian, and has been trying to secure a green card forever. Every time you hear the name of a pro athlete who happens to be from a foreign country, you may be thinking about his plays, his salary, his whatever, but rarely his immigration status. What is the legal status of Yao Ming, Pau Gasol, or the hundreds of Hispanic baseball players still playing in the MLB? O or P visa? Pending I-485? Many of you don’t have a clue – me either.

But apparently some athletes face the same immigration red tape just like we do:

During his time in this country, he has paid over a million and a half dollars in taxes. He has worked steadily and never been in trouble. He received the Coyotes’ Man of the Year Award in 2004 for his involvement in the community. He has paid lawyers over $16,000 to help him go through the immigration process the “right way.”

But in the end, since waiting for a USCIS interview somehow took longer than his professional career, he got the red card instead.

“Essentially, he told me that I filed my application as a hockey player and not a broadcaster so I had to get back in line and refile,” Nash said. “I can’t explain the frustration.”

So when he ran into a green card lottery winner, he couldn’t help but wonder what is right about the “right way.”

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