First Immigration Road Blog

I have been thinking about starting a blog on for quite some time now. It is trendy. It adds a personal touch. And it opens a door for our visitors to participate.

But it also means more work. More work to get the blog up and running, and even more to keep it fresh and updated.

So we were debating, and well, you know the result.

We will be talking about immigration (of course), including the road to green card that most of us traveled on, as well as visas, citizenship, news, and politics. We will also discuss stuff that puzzled us when we first landed on the U.S. soil. Schools, jobs, taxes, credit cards, shopping,  driving, and all the little things that people (especially new immigrants) might have to deal with. Since most of us are engineers and scientists, we may also write about computers and technologies every now and then. So basically, just about anything. It is a blog, after all.

You are more than welcome to comment on this page and voice your oppinions. Thanks for visiting!

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