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USCIS Customer Service Phone Menu

USCIS National Customer Service Center provides a toll-free phone number (1-800-375-5283) for customers to call and obtain a wide range of information. The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is designed to not only provide general immigration information, but also handle application status or other case-specific questions. Callers will also have an option to speak directly to a Customer Service Agent during business hours.

USCIS unveiled a redesigned phone menu on August 29, 2011. Although the new IVR system is easier to navigate, it still takes quite a few steps to find certain topics or reach a live person. The call menu's main options are listed below, which should help if you have a specific question to ask USCIS. Please understand that USCIS may change their phone menu at any time, and it is impossible for us to always keep up. Please listen carefully if the options have changed.

Dial USCIS customer service phone number 1-800-375-5283. You will hear a message with instructions on what options are available. You don't have to wait for the message to finish if you know where to go next. During the phone call you can press 7 to repeat the current message, press 8 to hear the previous message, or press 9 to return to the main menu.

For example, if you need to speak to a live operator during business hours with regard to your case status, you would dial 1-800-375-5283, then 1 - 1 - 2 - 2.

  1. English
    1. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
    2. Immigration Services
      1. Case status or report a problem
        1. If you know your receipt number
        2. If you don't know what a receipt number is, can't find it, or have lost your receipt number
          1. If you've found your receipt and want to enter it now
          2. Connect to a USCIS customer service representative during business hours
      2. If you are an attorney, CBO or an employer
      3. USCIS Forms
        1. If you know which forms you need
        2. If you don't know which forms you need or have questions about filing a form (call during business hours to talk to a USCIS representative )
      4. USCIS office locations
        1. Field offices
        2. Application support centers
        3. Special accommodation requests
      5. Civil surgeons
        1. Civil surgeon locator
      6. Change of address
        1. If you have already moved, call during business hours to talk to a USCIS representative
        2. General information for beneficiary, applicant, petitioner
        3. As a financial sponsor for an immigrant foreign national
    3. Immigration Information on Benefits and Processes
      1. General filing information
      2. Pending case information: Interviews, biometrics, background checks, requests for evidence (RFE) or processing times
        1. Biometric appointments
        2. Interview appointments
        3. RFE
        4. Background checks
      3. Approved, denied or rejected cases
        1. Approved case
        2. Denied case
        3. Rejected case
      4. Priority dates, diversity visa and other information
        1. Visa cut-off dates
        2. US citizen sponsoring family member
        3. Permanent resident sponsoring family member
        4. Employer sponsoring employee
        5. Self-sponsoring investor
        6. DV Lottery
    4. Special Programs and Other Resources
      1. Kaplan settlement
      2. Temporary Protective Status (TPS) for Haiti
      3. TPS for other countries
      4. Freedom of Information Act or Privacy Act (FOIA/FOIPA)
      5. Other resources
        1. Report an immigration scam to federal or state law enforcement
        2. Report a violation of immigration law
        3. Contact information for other government agencies
        4. Representation by an attorney or other parties
        5. USCIS administrative site visit and verification
    5. Technical Difficulties with Electronic Immigration System (ELIS)
    6. n/a
    7. Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver
  2. Spanish

USCIS may update the call menu at any time. If there is any discrepancy, please listen to the messages carefully before selecting an option.