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As stressful as international travel can be, imagine what it is like for an elderly person who doesn't even speak English. Unfortunately it is a common concern for immigrants, when they invite their parents or other relatives to visit them in the United States. Sometimes it can be intense if there is a connection flight involved, or an unexpected delay/cancelation.

All of us at face the same problem, so we've been thinking about posting some easy-to-follow travel guides for senior citizens visiting the U.S. We will start below with a Chinese/English translation of frequently used terms around the airport, during a flight and through customs inspection. It is by no means an exclusive list, and we'll certainly add more along the way, especially if we hear feedbacks from our site visitors.

English Simplified Chinese Comments or Examples
Around the Airport (机场)
Airline 航空公司  
Airplane 飞机  
Airport 机场  
Arrival 抵达, 到达  
Baggage Claim 行李认领  
Boarding 登机  
Boarding Pass 登机卡  
Bus 公共汽车  
Cancel (Cancelled) 取消  
Check-in 验票, 换取登机牌  
Connection 转机  
Delay (Delayed) 延误,晚点  
Departure 出发, 离开  
Emergency 紧急  
Exit 出口  
Flight 航班, 航程  
Gate 登机口  
Ground Transportion 地面转运  
Information 信息, 问讯处  
Landing 着陆  
Luggage 行李  
On Time 正点  
One Way 单程  
Rental Car 租车  
Round Trip 往返 (双程)  
Shuttle 班车,  
Taxi 出租车  
Terminal 候机楼  
Ticket 机票  
Ticketing 票务  
Tram 电车  
TSA 运输安全管理局  
Inside the Airplane (登机后)
Window Seat 靠窗的座位  
Aisle Seat 靠过道的座位  
Safety Belt 安全带  
Fasten Seatbelt 扣紧安全带  
No Smoking 禁止吸烟  
Meal 餐, 饭  
Breakfast 早餐  
Lunch 午餐  
Dinner 晚餐  
Chicken 鸡肉  
Beef 牛肉  
Pasta 意大利面  
Rice 米饭  
Drinks 饮料  
Coke 可口可乐  
Pepsi 百事可乐  
Juice 果汁  
Apple Juice 苹果汁  
Orange Juice 橙汁  
Tomato Juice 蕃茄汁  
Wine 葡萄酒  
Beer 啤酒  
No Ice, Please 请不要放冰块  
Hungry 饿  
Lavatory 厕所  
Restroom 厕所  
Men's 男厕所  
Women's 女厕所  
Flight Attendent 乘务员  
Flight Captain 机长  
Overhead Storage 乘客上方存储柜  
Pillow 枕头  
Blanket 毯子  
Entertainment System 娱乐系统  
Volume (VOL) 音量  
Channel (CH) 频道  
Phone 电话  
Emergency Exit 紧急出口  
Customs (海关)
Immigration 移民  
CBP 海关与边境保护  
DHS 国土安全部  
USCIS 移民局  
Security 安检  
Customs Inspection 边检, 海关检查  
Fingerprinting 指纹  
Thumb 拇指  
Finger 手指  
Passport 护照  
Visa 签证  
Visa Type/Class 签证种类  
Form I-94 (出入境记录卡, 有些航班提供中文表格)
Family Name  
First (Given) Name  
Birth Date(DD/MM/YY)  生日  
Country of Citizenship 国籍  
Sex (Male or Female) 性别  
Passport Issue Date (DD/MM/YY) 护照签发日期  
Passport Expiration Date (DD/MM/YY) 护照过期日期  
Passport Number 护照号码  
Airline and Flight Number 航空公司航班代码  
Country Where You Live 居住国  
Country Where You Boarded 在哪个国家登机  
City Where Visa Was Issued 在哪个城市签证  
Date Issued (DD/MM/YY) 签证日期  
Address While in the United States (Number and Street) 在美国居住地址(街道与门牌号)  
City and State 城市,州  
Telephone Number in the U.S. Where You Can be Reached 在美国的电话号码  
Email Address 电子邮件地址  

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