Top 5 Immigration Stories of 2011 for Legal Immigrants

Over the past few days many articles have been published to look back on the year’s biggest immigration stories. I liked Leslie Berestein Rojas’ Top 5, and also ImmigrationProf’s Top 10, among others. However, if you look through the lists you will see one thing in common: illegal immigration issues dominated the entire 2011. It is not that … Read more

How Fair is H.R. 3012

H.R. 3012, the Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act, passed the House by an overwhelming 389-15 vote with a rare bipartisan support. If it becomes law, there is no doubt Indian immigrants will benefit the most. China EB2 could see a shorter wait as well, but all other EB2 categories that currently have no waiting … Read more

Avoid Immigration Scams

Yesterday USCIS released yet another warning on “misleading” websites and the fees they charge for preparing immigration forms and applications: In recent weeks, USCIS has received a large number of applications prepared by an online business that charges users to complete their USCIS forms. In most cases, the charge for preparing an application is the … Read more

Illegal Alien Apprehensions by US Border Patrol

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) released an report on total illegal alien apprehensions by fiscal year, border (Southern, Northern, and Coastal), and border sections (major border cities and regions). What is interesting is that the total number of arrests dropped significantly from 2005 to 2010: The sharp decline in apprehensions of illegal immigrants is … Read more

FY 2012 H-1B Cap Count

In the table below you will find a log of all FY2012 H-1B cap counts. By keeping a log, and updating it with every new count released by USCIS, we can document the progress of H-1B visa usage. USCIS began accepting H-1B petitions on April 1, 2011. If approved, beneficiaries of these petitions may start … Read more