NFL Teams That Never Won A Super Bowl

My 7-year-old asked a question the other day: Which NFL team has never won a Super Bowl before? Although I could name a few, I was surprised to find out that 14 of the 32 NFL clubs are still fruitless in the pursuit of a Superbowl victory. And, four of them never even made it … Read more

Chinese New Year’s Day 1984 – 2043

2011 Chinese New Year is just around the corner. I was looking for the exact date this morning and realized none of my calendars actually showed it. I went online and clicked quite a few pages before I found it – February 3, Thursday, 2011. So I compiled a list, mostly from Wikipedia, that includes … Read more

Shorter URL Addresses for

Now that everybody owns a smart phone – everybody, except me – I can’t be too selfish anymore. Although I love our name,, I have to say that it is a bit long if you must type every character on a 4″ screen with a virtual keyboard. So over the weekend I registered two … Read more

Green Card Drive

Here is a road sign you don’t see everyday: Green Card Dr. I took the picture on a beautiful July 4th afternoon. You can see blue sky and palm trees in the background, traffic lights that happened to be green at the time, and a gas station located conveniently nearby. What a fitting image for … Read more

2010 World Cup TV Schedule

world-cup-2010-logoThe FIFA 2010 World Cup is only a month away. I realized that not only I didn’t know the schedule yet, I couldn’t even name half the teams. To account for my lack of interest, I figure either I’m aging faster than I thought, or I’ve been living in the United States for too long. I still like soccer. In fact I still play twice a week, in a wonderful team that has a genuine international representation. So I kind of blame the American TV networks for turning me into a NFL/NBA fan instead. It is no secret that football, basketball, baseball, and even poker are placed ahead of soccer on your shiny LCD screen.

For one month, however, ESPN is changing priorities. All 64 world cup matches will be aired live and in high definition on ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC.

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NBA and Arizona Immigration Law

As a Lakers fan, I usually don’t applaud the Phoenix Suns — a rival in the West. But tonight I do. The Suns wore jerseys that read “Los Suns” while beating the San Antonio Spurs to take a 2-0 lead in the Western Conference semifinals. The team’s owner, Robert Sarver, wanted to send a message to the Arizona legislature:

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USCIS Announces Name Change

[AF, 04/01/2010] United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced at a news conference today that it has changed its name…to Google!. The change takes effect immediately.

The surprising move is part of a campaign to bring Google’s 1GB ultra speedy broadband Internet into the Agency. Alejandro Mayorkas, USCIS Director, explained during the formal proclamation:

In order to provide high-speed immigration services, we must have high-speed internet services.

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Google’s Super Bowl Ad Features an Immigrant

Google aired a cute commercial during today’s Super Bowl game and the story goes like this: a guy was looking for information about studying in Paris, later met a French girl, learned online how to impress her, thought about the long-distance relationship but decided to find a job in Paris, and before you know it, … Read more

Immigration Road Signs

A road sign is a board standing on the side of the road that provides information or instructions to travelers. Whether you are driving to the Grand Canyon, biking to work, or walking to a grocery store, you will see road signs everywhere. They are easy to understand. But if you are marching (or crawling) … Read more