2012 Solar Eclipse Viewing using Binocular Projection

The 2012 solar eclipse came and went, and it sure was fun to watch. I tried the simple method using binoculars to project the sun’s image onto a white board, and it worked surprisingly well. Basically, I held a pair of binoculars and pointed the wide end at the sun (never look through the eyepiece directly!). On the other end I put a piece of white board on a lawn chair. Using my own shadow as the background, the eclipse was clearly projected to the board for safe viewing and picture taking. Below are a few images I took:


Another look later:


You can see the setup and the shadow of a dedicated dad, showing strong desire to teach his kids science, despite their little interest:


Although I felt lucky to be able to watch the eclipse unfold right in front of my eyes, these guys probably had a better view:


For truly amazing eclipse photos, of course, Google is your friend.

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