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Frequently Used Terms for Foreign Students

Below is a list of commonly used terms around the campus for international students attending universities and colleges in the United States.

Living, Driving, Shopping and Others:
Dormitory (Dorm):Residence Hall
Residence Hall:A building with rooms rented out to students
Cafeteria:Dining hall, restaurant, self-served dining places
Fraternity:Social organization consisting male members
Sorority:Social organization consisting male members
Recreation Center:A facility with equipment, tools and rooms where people can enjoy sports, leisure classes, or just relax.
Gym:A place to exercise, such as running on treadmills, weight lifting, aerobatic dancing, practicing Yoga, playing basketball, etc.
Parking Lot:A field with parking spaces for automobiles. Some are open fields and some are parking structures with covers. Many parking lots on campus require permits, which need to be purchased.
Co-op Housing:A housing plan where (student) residents collectively operate the building and units. Usually less expensive than private apartments.
Apartment:A unit within an apartment building for rent/lease
Landlord:Owner of apartments or rooms being rented out to others
Tenant:Person residing in a rental unit, paying rent (usually monthly) based on a lease agreement.
Spring Break:A one- or two-week period when schools are closed during Spring
Bookstore:A retail store on campus that sells textbooks, electronics, computer software, T-shirts and other merchandise (usually with the school name and logo printed on them).
Grocery Store:A retail store that sells food (mostly), including vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, packaged food, etc.
Supermarket:A retail store that sells not only food products, but clothing, electronics, household items and so on.
Mall:A shopping mall consists multiple retail stores and supermarkets in one building or several adjacent buildings.
Carpool:Shared use of a car by the driver and one or more passengers. There may be dedicated lanes or parking spaces for carpool only.
Bike Lane:Marked lane on a public road for use by cyclists.
DMV:Department of Motor Vehicles
Car or Auto Insurance:Provides protection against financial losses as a result of car accidents.
Liability Insurance:Typically a mandatory portion of car insurance, which covers third-party claims if you are responsible for a car accident.
Emergency Room (ER): Provides initial treatment to patients with critical illnesses or injuries, which may be life-threatening and require immediate medical attention
Urgent Care:Provides treatment to patients with illnesses or injuries that require immediate attention but not serious enough for emergency room visit.

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