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Visa Bulletin Predictions - September 9, 2016

The Visa Office of the Department of State is responsible for publishing visa bulletins each month. Occasionally, the Visa Office also provides their predictions on cut-off date movement in the coming months.

DOS Visa Bulletin Predictions for November and December, 2016

  • EB1: Current
  • EB2:
    • Worldwide: Current
    • China: Up to three months.
    • India: Up to four months.
  • EB3:
    • Worldwide: The rapid forward movement of this final action date during the past year should generate a significant amount of demand for numbers. When such demand begins to materialize it will be necessary to limit movement of this final action date.
    • China: Up to three months.
    • India: Up to one week.
    • Mexico: Will remain at the worldwide date.
    • Philippines: Up to three weeks.
  • EB4:
    • Current for most countries.
    • El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras: up to two months
  • EB5:
    • The category will remain “Current” for most countries.
    • China-mainland born: Slow forward movement.
    Family-Sponsored Worldwide Dates:
  • Three to five weeks
  • F2A: Up to one month
  • F2B: Up to one month
  • F3: Two to four weeks
  • F4: Three to five weeks

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