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This table below shows Visa Bulletin Cutoff Dates for over the past several years. Month-to-month visa bulletin movement for the category is also calculated and displayed. Green colored texts mean your cutoff date advanced during that month; while red means backward or no movement. In addition, wait time is shown to reflect the severity of visa number retrogression, if any. Wait time is calculated by comparing the cut-off date and the corresponding visa bulletin month. Starting October, 2015, there are two charts of cutoff dates and the movement below is calculated based on the "approval" or "final action" visa bulletin.

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Visa Bulletin Descriptions:

  • C: Current (Anyone in this category is eligible to receive an immigrant visa number).
  • U: Unavailable (All visa numbers for the particular category have been consumed and as a result, nobody can file I-485 or receive green card approval).
  • Date: Cutoff Date (YYYY-MM-DD; Demand for visa numbers has exceeded inventory, so only applicants whose priority date is earlier than the cutoff date is eligible for a visa number).
  • ROW: Rest of World (All countries and regions except those listed separately, such as China-mainland born and India).
  • China: China-mainland born.

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