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Immigration News - July and August of 2007

08/31/2007: USCIS New Reporting Format for Processing Times

Starting from the 08/15/2007 updates of Service Center Processing Dates, USCIS has implemented a new reporting procedure. If applications and petitions are processed within USCIS service level goals, only service level commitment will be reported. For example, USCIS' goal to process an I-129 (H1B) petition is 2 months, and a service center's processing time is indeed 2-month or less, "2 Months" will be shown in the report.

If a service center fails to meet the service level goals, they will show the filing dates (Received Dates - RD) of cases that are being processed. For example, TSC I-485 EB shows October 27, 2006.

08/31/2007: USCIS Updates on Front Log Delays

As of August 31, 2007, USCIS has completed data entry and issued receipt notices for applications and petitions received on or before the dates indicated:

California Service Center

Form: Date Received:
I-130 8/06/2007
N-400 7/24/2007
All Other 8/16/2007

Nebraska Service Center

Form: Date Received:
I-131 7/26/2007
I-140 7/26/2007
I-485 Employment Based 7/26/2007
I-765 7/26/2007
N-400 7/24/2007
All Other 8/05/2007

Texas Service Center

Form: Date Received:
I-131 6/30/2007
I-140 8/13/2007
I-485 Employment Based 6/30/2007
I-765 6/30/2007
N-400 7/15/2007
All Other 8/19/2007

Vermont Service Center

Form: Date Received:
I-130 7/25/2007
N-400 7/22/2007
All Other 8/20/2007

USCIS Lockbox

Form: Date Received:
I-485 Family Based 7/30/2007

08/25/2007: USCIS Experiencing Significant Front Log Delays

It is apparent that in July and August the USCIS has received several times more applications than the average number of cases per month. As a result, service centers are experiencing significant delays of data-entry and sending out receipts. This delay, however, will not affect premium processing which should still be completed within 15 days.

Although the notice date will be much later, your actual filing date, or case received date (RD), will still be honored. RD is critical because USCIS process cases based on their "Received Date," as shown on Form I-797.

By 8/24, USCIS has issued receipt notices for cases received before the following dates:

  • TSC: EB I-485, I-131, I-765 = 6/30/2007; I-140 = 8/13/2007;
  • NSC: EB I-485, I-131, I-765, I-140 = 7/24/2007;
  • CSC: N-400 = 7/23/2007; All others = 8/14/2007;
  • VSC: N-400 =7/18/2007;
  • USCIS Lockbox: FB I-485 = 7/29/2007;

08/22/2007: September Visa Bulletin Shows Visa Availability for Some Categories


mainland born

1st 01JAN07 01JAN07 01JAN07 01JAN07 01JAN07
2nd 01JAN07 01JAN06 01APR04 01JAN07 01JAN07
3rd 01AUG02 U U U 01AUG02

08/08/2007: USCIS Publishes FAQ #3 for July and August I-485 Filing

08/01/2007: All Visa Numbers for Employment Based Categories Become Unavailable

07/30/2007: New Immigration Fee Schedule Takes Effect Today

07/27/2007: USCIS Publishes FAQ #2 for July and August I-485 Filing

07/23/2007: USCIS Publishes FAQ #1 for July and August I-485 Filing

07/17/2007: Breaking News - USCIS to Accept Employment-Based I-485 Applications using ORIGINAL July Visa Bulletin!

The famous July Visa Fiasco is finally over! USCIS today announced an important change of policy to allow filing of employment-based adjustment cases according to the original July Visa Bulletin, #107. Applications will be accepted on or before August 17, so that anyone who is eligible will still has a full month's time to file. In the mean time, DOS has withdrawn visa bulletin No. 108 dated July 2, 2007

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