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APPLE H-1B Data -
Case #I-200-19080-369913
H-1B Salary:26 to 31 per Hour
Case #I-200-19171-786837
H-1B Salary:122782 to 0 per Year

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should I type full employer name or keywords only?

Keyword is much better.

The reason is that data entries are handled by many people, so they contain numerous typos, misspellings, abbreviations, etc. For example, Google appears in the database in several different forms: "Google Inc", "Google Inc.", "Google LLC", "Google, LLC", and so on. To make sure you retrieve all records, it's better to just type Google.

The same goes for city names. "Seattle" may be spelled as "Seatle", "Seatlle", or "Seattla". In this case, you may have to search all of them.

When you start typing, a drop-down list with keyword hints will appear under the search field. These suggestions are directly extracted from the original DOL data, so you should try to use these keywords first.

Are keywords case sensitive?

No. You can type "APPLE" or "Apple", it doesn't matter.

What's included in the H-1B database?

The H1B Database contains millions of LCA records released by the Department of Labor (DOL). By law, a prospective employer who intends to hire a foreign worker in H-1B, H-1B1, or E3 status must file a Labor Condition Application (LCA) first. The employer must receive LCA approval before filing an H1 application. Under government transparency directives, DOL will publish LCA applications and make them available to the general public every year. The data released by the DOL include both certified and rejected LCA applications.

What information does an LCA record provide?

Everything. Each LCA record contains more than 50 data fields including employer name, H-1B job title, salary range, work-site location, case status, etc.

What can I learn from the data?

Among many things, it can certainly help with job hunting. Whether you're a foreign student, an immigrant, or a U.S. citizen, you can easily find out which companies have been hiring, what position they are looking for, and most importantly, what kind of salaries they're offering. The salary info is particularly valuable because wage data are always confidential. The H-1B database is one rare source that provides accurate salary ranges for most high-tech jobs in the country. Although it doesn't mean you can expect exactly the same salary for a similar position, it does serve as one reference point which is hard to find elsewhere.

Does the database include both new and continuing H-1 applications?


Is LCA the same as LC?

No, they're completely different.

LCA (Labor Condition Application) is for H-1B visa applications.

LC (Labor Certification, now called PERM) is for employment-based green card applications. We'll soon establish a PERM database as well, which will provide similar datasets but is derived from the green card process.

Is LCA Case Number the same as USCIS Receipt Number?

No, LCA is processed by DOL, and the LCA case number is not the same as your H-1B application (Form I-129) receipt number issued by USCIS.

How long is LCA approval valid for?

For H-1B, the LCA is valid for up to three years.

For H-1B1 (nationals of Singapore and Chile), the LCA is also valid for up to three years.

For E3 (nationals of Australia), the LCA is valid for only two years.

I already have an LCA case number, how do I find the case directly?

If you know the case number you can enter it here to retrieve all LCA records for that particular case. Keep in mind that the database contains FY-2019 data and beyond. If your case is older than 2019, you won't find it here.

How often do you update the database?

As soon as DOL releases new H-1B data, we will update the database.

How accurate are the date?

Well, they are as accurate as the government sources. We made an effort not to change anything, even if we found obvious errors in data entries. This is simply to preserve the original data integrity. The only thing we changed is to add N/A to empty fields.

Do you plan to include H-1B data from past years?

Probably not. They take up a lot of storage and people rarely search for old data.

We do plan to add new features, however. We'll spend the efforts making meaningful improvement, such as making the database faster and easier to use, providing analyses, and so on.

I found a problem, how do I tell you?

Please contact us for any issues, questions, or suggestions.

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