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iCERT Case Status Check

How do I check my labor certification case status?

iCERT case status check

The Department of Labor's iCERT system provides an online tool to check the case status of your PERM labor certification, Labor Condition Application (LCA for H-1B), and H-2A and H-2B Applications. You will need your iCERT number for access to the system.

My case should have been approved by now, can I contact DOL?

If your case is at least 3 months outside the current processing window, you may send an email to and inquire about your case status.

What is an iCERT case number?

When your employer submits an application online, the iCERT system generates a unique case number. You must have this number to check the status of your application online.

An iCERT case number contains 15 digits and is in this format: G-100-yyyyy-ZZZZZZ

  • The first digit represents the category of the iCERT case:
    • G: PERM Application
    • I: Labor Condition Application (LCA)
    • H: H-2A and H-2B Applications
  • The next 3-digit number represents a subcategory:
    • 100 = Basic PERM Application
    • 101 = PERM Application for Professional Athletes
    • 200 = H-1B
    • 201 = H-1B1 Chile
    • 202 = H-1B1 Singapore
    • 203 = E-3 Australian
    • 300 = H-2A
    • 400 = H-2B
  • The next 5 digits (yyyyy) indicate the Julian Date on which the iCERT case was submitted
  • The last 6 digits (ZZZZZZ) indicate a serial number randomly assigned by the iCERT System.