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LCA Database Instructions: Enter LCA Case Number in this format: I-123-12345-123456. Click Search to retrieve all details about the Labor Condition Application, including employer name, job title, salary, work-site location, case status, and more. LCA is a mandatory step in H-1B applications. Prospective employers must obtain LCA approval from the Department of Labor before they can hire foreign workers in H-1B, H-1B1 or E3 status.

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Labor Condition Application (LCA) Full Details for Case I-200-19079-565265:

Case id173087
Case numberI-200-19079-565265
Case statusCERTIFIED
Case submitted2019-03-22
Decision date2019-03-28
Visa classH-1B
Employment start date2019-09-11
Employment end date2022-09-10
Employer business dbaN/A
Employer address5775 MOREHOUSE DRIVE
Employer citySAN DIEGO
Employer stateCA
Employer postal code92121
Employer provinceN/A
Employer phone8588453309
Employer phone extN/A
Secondary entityN
Secondary entity nameN/A
Agent representing employerY
Agent attorney nameFAURE WENGER, KARINE
Agent attorney citySAN DIEGO
Agent attorney stateCA
Soc code15-1133
Naics code334220
Total workers100
New employment75
Continued employment0
Change previous employment15
New concurrent emp0
Change employer5
Amended petition5
Full time positionY
Prevailing wage92385
Pw unit of payYear
Pw wage levelN/A
Pw wage sourceSURVEY
Pw source otherN/A
Wage rate of pay from92385
Wage rate of pay to112200
Wage unit of payYear
H1b dependentY
Willful violatorN
Support h1bY
Statutory basisWAGE
Labor con agreeN/A
Worksite citySAN DIEGO
Worksite countySAN DIEGO
Worksite stateCALIFORNIA
Worksite postal code92121
Original cert dateN/A
 End of Record

See below for explanation of field names.

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About LCA Database

What is LCA?

The Labor Condition Application (LCA) is a form U.S. employers must file to sponsor non-immigrant workers in H-1B, H-1B1 or E-3 visa programs. LCA is filed using Form ETA 9035E or 9035. The Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration (ETA) is responsible for certifying LCA cases. If approved, an LCA is valid for three years (H-1B and H-1B1) or two years (E-3).

Form 9035E is required for Online filing of an LCA through the ETA's FLAG system (used to be iCert System). All employers must use electronic filing, unless prior special permission is granted to submit paper form ETA-9035 by mail.

Where did the data come from?

All data came from the United States government. More specifically, LCA information released by the Department of Labor. Every year DOL publishes a massive amount of LCA and H1B data as required by transparency protocols. However, DOL releases their data in one huge spreadsheet, making it extremely difficult to search for relevant information. has built this database to allow users easily find H-1B sponsors, job titles, annual salaries, work locations and much more.

Certain information, such as Federal Employer Identification Number(FEIN), personal contact info, and other confidential data are not released by the DOL, but they're quired for filing LCA.

Can you explain what each data field means?

The table above captures the content of an entire Labor Condition Application (LCA) form, published by the DOL. LCA is required for each H-1B petition. New, extension or transfer applications all must have a certified LCA to begin with. Most of the data fields are self-explanatory, but some may need clarification. We'll provide brief descriptions below. For more details, please refer to official documentation at

Case ID This is Immigration Road's unique identifier, for easier tracking of millions of records. This number is not part of LCA. Everything else in this table comes directly from DOL.
Year Fiscal Year
Case number This is DOL's case number, in this format: I-123-12345-123456
Case submitted Date when LCA application is submitted.
Decision date Date when DOL makes a decision regarding the case.
Visa class Classification of visa types: H-1B, H-1B1 Singapore, H-1B1 Chile, or E-3 Australian.
Employment start date Beginning date of the H1 or E3 worker’s employment. LCA cannot be filed more than 6 months before employment start date.
Employment end date End date of the H1 or E3 worker’s employment
Employer name Employer's full legal name. An employer may be a person, association, firm, corporation, or organization. Full legal name is the exact same name reported to the IRS.
Employer business dba Doing Business As (if a company is using another trade name other than their legal name).
Employer address Street address of the employer's principal place of business. Note that this may not be where an H-1 employee will be working, see Work Site below.
Employer city  
Employer state  
Employer postal code Zip code
Employer country  
Employer province  
Employer phone  
Employer phone ext  
Secondary entity Whether the employer will be placing the foreign worker with another entity.
Secondary entity name If yes, what's the second entity's legal business name, including DBA name if available.
Agent representing employer Whether the employer is represented by an immigration attorney or agent. Employers may choose to file LCA by themselves.
Agent attorney name  
Agent attorney city  
Agent attorney state  
Job title Company's internal job title for the H1 applicant. If a single LCA is filed on behalf of multiple nonimmigrant workers, their job titles must be the same. Otherwise a separate LCA must be submitted.
SOC code Six-digit Standard Occupational Classification (SOC)/Occupational Network (O*NET) code for the occupation,
SOC name Job title associated with the SOC/O*NET code above.
NAICS code Four to six-digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code that best describes the employer’s business, not the nonimmigrant worker's job.
Total workers Total number of positions being requested on this form.
New employment Next six fields are used to break down the total number, based on USCIS I-129 classifications.
Continued employment  
Change previous employment  
New concurrent emp  
Change employer  
Amended petition  
Full time position Generally, full-time employment means over 35 hours per week. Full-time and part-time jobs cannot be combined on a single LCA.
Prevailing wage Prevailing wage
PW unit of pay Whether rage of pay is per hour, week, bi-week (every two weeks), month, or year
PW wage level  
PW wage source The source of prevailing wage determination, such as Prevailing Wage Determination (PWD) or Occupational Employment Statistics (OES). Must choose only one source.
PW source other Another legitimate source (other than OES) or an independent authoritative source.
Wage rate of pay from Actual wage to be paid to the nonimmigrant worker. Must be greater than or equal to prevailing wage.
Wage rate of pay to Maximum wage, if entered as a range.
Wage unit of pay Whether rage of pay is per hour, week, bi-week (every two weeks), month, or year
H1b dependent Whether an employer is designated as H-1B Dependent, determined by the ratio of H-1B employees (both full-time and part-time) vs total workforce: If an employer has a total of 1-25 full-time equivalent employees in the U.S., but 8 or more of them are H-1B workers, the employer is considered H-1B dependent. For 26-50, the threshold becomes 13 or more. For a total workforce of 51 or more employees, 15% or more is the threshold.
Willful violator The employer is a willful violator if the employer has been found during the five (5) years preceding the date of the application (and after October 20, 1998) to have committed a willful violation or a misrepresentation of a material fact.
Support h1b If an employer answers "Yes" to either Willful Violator or H-1B Dependent, they must indicate whether they're using this form only to support petitions or extensions for EXEMPT H-1B filings.
Statutory basis If "Yes" to previous question, what is the basis for an exemption. Annual wage, Master's Degree or higher, or both.
Labor con agree  
Worksite city Place of employment where the work is actually performed by the nonimmigrant worker.
Worksite county  
Worksite state Worksite Sate
Worksite postal code Worksite Zip Code.
Original cert date  
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