Microsoft on H-1B and Immigration

Brad Smith, General Counsel at Microsoft, published two consecutive posts to discuss Microsoft, H-1B, and Immigration:

Given the economic downturn, we are filing substantially fewer H-1B applications than we filed last year …

A recent study by the National Center for Education Statistics found that 39% of all Masters degrees in computer science from U.S. universities – and a startling 61% of PhDs – were earned by temporary residents.

While the number of visa holders is very small compared to the U.S. workforce, their contribution is huge.  For example, last year 35 percent of Microsoft’s patent applications in the U.S. came from new inventions by visa and green card holders … And a recent study found that for every H-1B position requested, U.S. technology companies increase their employment by 5 new jobs.

… many very valuable employees may not be selected for H-1Bs this year.  For many, this means that they will have to leave – taking their skills, innovation, inspiration, and valuable economic contributions with them, at a time when America needs them the most.

Very well said.

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