Illegal Immigrant, ID Theft, Medical Bills, and Life

Heated debate over illegal immigration moved to the back seat when the economy took a nose dive. However, with Obama’s plan to pick up comprehensive immigration reform this year, it is poised to return to the front line again. Actually conservative talkshow hosts are already switching gear to promote their simple solution: just send the 11 million illegals home !

Now they don’t have to catch one of them.

Mariana de la Torre, 28, moved back to Mexico and spent her last days with her family and three children. She died this Tuesday.

Her pursuit of a better life, and escape from an abusing boyfriend, took an unexpected turn in 2007, eight months after she crossed the border illegally.  Ms. de la Torre was diagnosed with cancer. She avoided medical treatment, and her condition worsened. Eventually she used another person’s ID and SSN to stay in an Illinois hospital. The Chicago Tribune documented her story, and shared this video:

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  • E-Verify is simple, free, Web-based system that works by electronically comparing new employee information taken from the Form I-9. It works, and maybe that’s why the open border zealots have amassed against the application ? Opponents of E-Verify have resorted to charges that it is full of errors, when in truth it has an average a 99.5 success rate. More than 425 million records in the Social Security Administration’s database and more than 60 million records in the Department of Homeland Security’s immigration data base can then be verified.

    In March E-verify was further enhanced by using a picture tool that helps patriotic businesses to identify illegal foreign workers. It allows an employer to compare identical photos – the worker’s photograph on the EAD or green card against the image stored in USCIS’ databases, which contains nearly 15 million images of individual documents. The tool is designed to help an employer determine whether the document presented reasonably relates to the individual presenting it and contains a valid photo.

    Typos and similar problems are cured on line, so legal workers usually only have problem only if they changed their names or citizenship status–but failed to inform Social Security of the change. Others have to do something more to establish that they are lawfully authorized to work by approaching the SSA. While certain individuals do nothing–disappearing into the woodwork. It works! So–THE PEOPLE–should make it a permanent addition to our arsenal against illegal aliens stealing jobs of Americans. In addition, every company should check all their employees who are on the payroll now, not just not new recruits. If a business hires illegal labor and have not used E-verify, they should be subject to severe penalties. Two legislators have remained instrumental in trying to dismantle E-Verify, the REAL ID act, police enforcement (247(g) and ICE raids. Sen. Harry Reid and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Remind your Senators and Congressman–who they work for? Washington switchboard. 202-224-3121 Reid’s Carson Office: 775-882-7343/ Vegas: 702-388-5020
    House Speaker Pelosi: 202-225-0100 / San Francisco: 415 556-4862

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