Crime Map: Stay Informed on Crimes in Your Neighborhood

Here is a nice website that can show you crime activity near your home, school or work. Developed by The Omega Group, pulls data from enrolled law enforcement agencies around the country and present them on an easy to read online map. The idea is excellent: if residents see three burglary reports in their Read more about Crime Map: Stay Informed on Crimes in Your Neighborhood[…]

How to Sync Android Phone Contacts with Google Gmail

This seemingly easy task took me literally two hours to figure out: Back up an Android phone’s contacts to a gmail account. My phone is an LG Optimus T – very nice phone in my opinion – but its user manual doesn’t even talk about this. There are numerous discussions on Android forums, unfortunately none Read more about How to Sync Android Phone Contacts with Google Gmail[…]

World’s First Internet Spam: Green Card Lottery

The Internet has become an integral part of many people’s lives. If there is a survey about the most useful inventions in technology, internet should be right up there with PC, telephone and even electricity. However, if there is one thing on the internet that bugs everyone, it has to be spam. The Associated Press Read more about World’s First Internet Spam: Green Card Lottery[…]

Google Economic Trends: Jobs Index

Google released another cool feature today which takes advantage of its gold mine – gigantic volume of search data – to track “domestic trends.” Available on Google Finance, the tool contains 23 indexes to cover major sectors of the economy, such as retail, car buying, jobs, and travel. I downloaded the job search data and Read more about Google Economic Trends: Jobs Index[…]

USCIS I-485 Tracker for Green Card Applicants

Update 11/11/2009: USCIS did release pending I-485 data, but in a pdf document. We have turned it into an immigration tracker. Check it out! USCIS is getting ready to launch its immigration tracker, maybe as soon as late September! Aneesh Chopra, the first U.S. chief technology officer, mentioned it during a speech in Silicon Valley Read more about USCIS I-485 Tracker for Green Card Applicants[…]

Make Gmail More Secure – https and account activity

If you use Gmail but haven’t turned on its SSL capability, you are certainly not alone. But you should. And it is very easy to do. After logging into your gmail account, go to Settings, General, under Browser connection, check “Always use https,” and finally click Save Changes. That is it. Why? When you access Read more about Make Gmail More Secure – https and account activity[…]

Microsoft on H-1B and Immigration

Brad Smith, General Counsel at Microsoft, published two consecutive posts to discuss Microsoft, H-1B, and Immigration: Given the economic downturn, we are filing substantially fewer H-1B applications than we filed last year … A recent study by the National Center for Education Statistics found that 39% of all Masters degrees in computer science from U.S. Read more about Microsoft on H-1B and Immigration[…]