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Visa Bulletin Tracker (Employment-Based)

Below is a visa bulletin chart, tracking all cutoff dates for EB2 and EB3 categories from 2005 to present. That is 10 years of data in one graph! You can show or hide any series on the chart, zoom in and out, or see the actual cut-off date for any category. For more information, please go to our Visa Bulletin Toolbox.

How to use the interactive chart:

  • Click on the legends to show or hide a category;
  • Mouse over a line to see cut-off dates;
  • Drag on chart to zoom in, right click to reset;
  • Missing dots in a line refer to "U" in visa bulletins, meaning that visa numbers are unavailable;
  • "C" in visa bulletin means "current," so no cutoff date. In the graph those "current" dates are converted to be the same as the visa bulletin month/year.
  • ROW - Rest of the World. PHL - Philippines.

Although future visa bulletins are essentially unpredictable, the VB tracker does provide an easy way to see the full history of cutoff dates movement. For categories suffering heavy retrogression, such as China and India, applicants can study the overall trend using the chart. From time to time the Department of State also offers their predictions on future visa availability. EB1, EB3-Others and EB4 categories are not included in the chart to avoid making it too busy, but the data are always available on the Visa Bulletin Toolbox page.