What’s in your wallet?!

The Capital One commercials really annoy me, but I like the tagline: What is in your wallet?!

Do you know exactly what credit cards, debit cards and membership cards are in your wallet? Do you remember those card numbers? Can you quickly find their customer service phone numbers? Answer these questions as if your wallet or purse were lost.

If you are one of us who cannot memorize everything, here is what you can do:

Pull out every card from your wallet, put them down side by side on a flatbed scanner, and press scan or copy. Repeat for the backside.

This simple step can be a life saver in an unfortunate event of lost or stolen wallet. Not only you can quickly cancel your cards or accounts, thus minimizing your losses, you can also use these photocopies to accelerate the replacement process.

If you also carry your passport, green card or social security card around, it is even more important to keep record of everything that is in your wallet.

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