Share Your Knowledge, Experience and Stories was founded in 2007, as a hobby Website to share the stuff I learned while pursuing a green card. Never did I imagine it would grow so fast, so big, in just three years. With some help along the way, we now publish articles on nearly every aspect of the immigration process, in addition to providing tools, guides and anything that may help the immigrant community. Our I-485 tracker, for example, is being used by thousands of people, everyday! More importantly, everything is free.

All of this started because when I looked back on my own journey, the most helpful information I gained was from my peers – those who were struggling just like I was. At the most frustrating or confusing moments, there were always people who had been there and were willing to share. Government and law firm Websites were helpful too, but they tend to be more accurate than practical.

So, we would like to extend an invitation to all of our readers: You are welcome to publish on as well! If you have a tip to share, a story to tell, or even something to vent about, you will have an opportunity to share it with a large audience. Both the blog and the main Site are available, not to mention the always-open community forum.

This is meant to be a way for immigrants or would-be immigrants to share their knowledge and stories. So self-promotional material will not be accepted. In addition, any offensive, insulting or discriminatory remarks are strictly prohibited. We do have quality guidelines for publication, but we understand the fact that English is probably not the first language for most, so we will focus more on the content of your submission rather than your writing skills.

Any information you provide to will be kept confidential. You may choose to post anonymously, or have your name displayed (Initials, full name, or even contact information). In any case we will clearly mark such content as user-generated.

Interested? Questions? Already have something to share? Please let us know. We’ll be in touch soon.

3 thoughts on “Share Your Knowledge, Experience and Stories

  • I have an EB-5 regional center question. How is it that USCIS can require a regional center’s investment to be contiguous within a region of the U.S.? They failed to define what they consider to be a geographic region/area of the U.S. in the statute or regulations and then they turn around and in a memo require that the investment be contiguous within a region of the country. How is this not an APA violation and has anyone had any success in challenging this regulating through guidance technique?

  • I am getting extremely frustrated at the fact that the USCIS is not going in chronological order when adjudicating the cases. I have seen the date for my NOA1 get closer and closer… and then pass me up. I got an rfe after the 5 month period, sent it back overnight, and that was almost two weeks ago that they got it.
    Who is running things down there? If I ran my business like this, I would be out of business. This is real simple people…. First in… First out! Got it? Stop pissing everyone off by doing things willy nilly! All you are doing is annoying everyone! I just saw that someone who had an rfe, had it received back in CSC on the same day as me, got a NOA2 hard copy already! So I called… NOTHING! STILL in rfe evidence mode. And I talked to the other couple, they had 3 things to send in, I had only one of the same thing they had. I just dont get it! ALso, they got their rfe in 4 months, I got mine in 5. WTF?

  • Scott,

    Have you tried contacting the service center or local office directly? Call or make an infopass appointment if your case is within the processing window. From one of my own cases, USCIS simply “forgot” it for about 6 months until I eventually reached someone who was nice enough to “take a look.” My case was approved within a week after that. See our Contact USCIS and FBI page for the different ways of getting in touch with them.

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