Green Card Drive

Here is a road sign you don’t see everyday: Green Card Dr.

green card drive

I took the picture on a beautiful July 4th afternoon. You can see blue sky and palm trees in the background, traffic lights that happened to be green at the time, and a gas station located conveniently nearby. What a fitting image for Immigration Road!

Now, can anyone guess where this road is?

2 Replies to “Green Card Drive”

  1. It may be any one of this address. We have 2 places with the same name in US.

    1. Greenyard Dr, Houston, Harris, TX
    2. Greenyard Dr, Ballwin, St Louis, MO 63011

  2. Good try! You were certainly heading in the right direction, by figuring out that there is actually no Greencard Dr. in the United States, or the world 🙂 I did photoshop a couple letters and I left the letter C more “detectable” than others.

    If anyone lives near those two locations Raj mentioned, I’d appreciate some pictures of the street signs if possible.

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